For The Kids

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• She’ll Kick Up Her Heels offers product shots from every angle plus close-ups of stitching and other details so you know exactly what you’re getting. Hot this season: Cherry Blossom Uggs for girls, $100.

• Stack ’em The Flowers Tot Tower by Eeboo includes 10 nesting blocks, each beautifully illustrated by Melissa Sweet. Made out of laminated card stock, they are lightweight yet sturdy enough to endure a budding builder’s destructive impulses. $20 at

• Thirst Quencher Moms can relax the no-drinks-in-the-minivan rule. SIGG’s beverage bottles for kids are durable, leakproof and spillproof and won’t give water a weird taste. Choose farm, giraffe or turtle; $15 each at

• Roll Your Own These balls don’t bounce–they make ice cream. Just add the ingredients, pack with ice and seal, then let the kids roll them around until done. (Tip: stop and stir after 10 minutes.) Listed as camping cookware at for $29 or see

• Balancing Act To win at Pandabo, you must place your sticks on top of the panda’s tummy without toppling any. Upset the pile, and you’re out. Parents weary of plastic toys will appreciate this: the game’s parts are 100% bamboo and come in a canister for easy storage. Made by Hape International; $10 at

• Eye Popper You won’t want a toddler to touch this treasure. Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs covers shield bearers, frill heads, meat eaters and more with dozens of spectacular pop-ups tucked inside 12 pages. For ages 5 and up; $18 at

• Full Tilt To ride the Plasma Car, lean forward and crank the steering wheel from side to side. Centrifugal force, gravity and friction work together to propel you forth. Mom and Dad can try it too–it supports up to 220 lbs. on a smooth, flat surface. $70 at

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