7 Ways You’re Annoying Absolutely Everybody

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You know the type… there’s one in every office. Maybe he listens to his music at near concert-level volume. Or she abuses the “CC” button on emails.

But when was the last time you stopped to wonder if you’re the annoying employee in the office?

If you do any of the following things, you, my friend, may be the one your co-workers try hard to avoid:

1. You pass off work.
I’m not talking about delegation here–that’s different. I’m talking about routinely sloughing off tasks to employees that you just don’t want to do. Need someone to pitch in on something while you’re away from the office? Find a way to return the offer so employees know you care about pulling your weight.

2. You insist on tweaking things to perfection–yourself.
If you’re the person who constantly refuses to see eye-to-eye with your team on whether or not a product is finished, expect disgruntled employees. You’re likely wasting time and money trying to reach your own unattainable standard. Why not try to set a new standard? Make 80 percent the new 100 percent. Stop chasing perfection and begin focusing on getting projects and tasks to the point where they’re good enough.

3. You often shout commands.
There’s a big difference between delegating tasks and ordering others around. Establish more pleasant and effective interactions by asking your employees for their input on given situations or projects. This allows them to come up with their own solution, rather than forcing them to simply swallow yours.

4. You’re avoidant.
Are you MIA at company cocktail hour or other staff events? Bad idea. You’re missing out on informal ways to chat up your employees and learn more about their ideas. While being friends with your employees isn’t necessary (or maybe even all that desirable), putting effort into strengthening working relationships almost always pays off.

5. You lack professionalism.
The idea of what is and isn’t casual varies from workplace to workplace, but there are a few behaviors that should be deemed unacceptable across the board. For instance: gossiping, sharing too much personal information, and not using your manners–just to name a few. Just because you’re the boss doesn’t give you license to do any of the above.

6. You enjoy raining on the parade.
Your negativity may be getting in the way of your employees’ happiness. Positivity and optimism aren’t realistic every day, but consistently exuding negativity will bring your colleagues down.

7. You regularly waste time at meetings.
Meetings are the No. 1 productivity killer. You of all be shouldn’t be the person who is constantly straying from the presentation, asking unnecessary questions, and circling back on points. This doesn’t just waste your employees’ time, it also wastes your own. Keep it concise and relevant.

What’s the most annoying office habit you’ve experienced?

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