Here Are the 10 Best Prom-posals of Prom Season

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It’s the first week of May, which means it’s time for allergies, Cinco de Mayo sombreros, and elaborate romantic gestures by barely post-pubescent teenagers! That’s right, it’s prom-posal season, the most awkward time of the year.

If you don’t know already, prom-posals are when high schoolers ask each other to prom with the level of pomp and circumstance that rivals an actual engagement. Some high schools are gripped by prom-posal hysteria and some aren’t. For those who have found their high schools littered with rose petals and graffiti this week, you’re not alone.

Of course, kids have been asking each other out in elaborate ways ever since the romantic comedies of the ’80s and ’90s gave us all unrealistic expectations of prom (thank you, She’s All That.) The first official prom-posal of recorded history occurred in 2001, or at least that’s the first one to make the papers, but over-the-top prom-posals have become even more frequent in the age of social media. Because what’s the point of asking someone out if you can’t post pictures of it?

Here are the 10 best prom-posals of the internet, courtesy of the @ThePromposal Twitter feed.

The History Buff One:

The One from the Knight and His Noble Steed:

The Worst Pun One:

The One for Someone Who Loves Frozen:

The One that Kills Two Birds With One Stone:

The One That Says “Booty” Too Much:

The One That Was Delivered by Hedwig:

The Wishful Thinking One:

The One That Put Chicken Nuggets on a Car:

The Filthy Truck One:

Because nothing says ‘love’ like a dirt-encrusted truck.

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