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The Deadly Social Media Drinking Game Set To Invade The U.S.

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A potentially hazardous internet drinking game called ‘NekNomination’ has reportedly claimed two lives in the U.K., and has some worried it might spread to teenagers in the United States too.

The game is simple: teens film themselves downing a drink and post the video on social media. Then, they nominate a friend to outdo them. If the rival doesn’t post a more extreme video, he or she is ridiculed on Facebook or Twitter for not participating in the game. Dares have included drinking alcohol from a toilet bowl, or even mixed with dog food, a dead mouse or a live goldfish.

The competitive nature of the game has authorities worried, with some wondering if Facebook should take a more active role in closing down pages that encourage potentially dangerous drinking.

The game began in Australia, according to CNN, but some say it’s only a matter of time before this mix of alcoholic excess, social media and peer pressure becomes a recognizable trend in the United States.

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