Study: Young People Love to Tweet From the Toilet

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For older social media users, figuring out how to edit a Facebook comment or post the right photo to Instagram requires one’s full attention. But for the younger set, using social media is intuitive, so they can DM while they BM.

According to a report by Nielson, 40 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds admitted to using social media in the washroom, compared with 21 percent of respondents on average. Younglings are ‘liking’ from the loo with less shame than older social media users. And if that’s the number of people who admit to this type of behavior, imagine how many people are actually doing it.

The report looked at other social media behavior and found that 44 percent of young adults aged 25 to 34 admit to using social media in restaurants, so while the college-aged set presses ‘publish’ while pooping, their older counterparts are doing something worse: Instagramming their food. And 48 percent of mothers with children under 13 admitted that they use social media in the car, just in case you needed another reason to buckle up.

Of all the social media sins one can commit, communicating from the commode is positively benign. Sure, it’s gross to imagine people updating their social media while hunched over on the john, but is it not preferable to overusing hashtags or re-posting tired memes? As long as Toilet Selfies don’t catch on.

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