By Olivia B. Waxman
April 21, 2014

A bear was rescued after getting a jar stuck on its head near Sudbury. //

— Canoe (@Canoe) April 21, 2014

A bear with a plastic jar stuck on its head was bumbling around a Canadian city early morning Easter Sunday — a scenario that the CBC joked is reminiscent of the iconic illustrations of Winnie the Pooh scarfing down honey in a pot face first.

Police found the black bear wandering around Lively (a part of Greater Sudbury, Ontario), unable to remove a plastic jar intended for birdseed from its head and “walking into a variety of objects including a police cruiser,” according to a statement from the Greater Sudbury Police. The bear was tranquilized and removed from the area.

Fortunately, residents have little to fear; black bear attacks are generally rare.

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