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Nicole Brown Simpson’s Sisters Felt ‘Complicated’ About O.J. Simpson’s Death

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Nicole Brown Simpson’s sisters said they had “very complicated” feelings when they learned about O.J. Simpson’s death.

The three sisters—Denise Brown, Dominique Brown, and Tanya Brown—sat down with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer, with Denise saying that when she heard about Simpson’s death, she felt “this sense of kind of relief in a way.” The sisters added, however, that they felt for their niece and nephew, Sydney and Justin, who are Simpson and Nicole’s children.

“It’s very complicated,” Dominique told ABC News. “But I have a relationship with the kids that means everything to me, and I was … very, very sad for them.”

Simpson died at the age of 76 on April 10, after losing his battle with cancer. His family announced the news on X, asking the public to respect their privacy. Simpson had previously shared his cancer diagnoses in a video posted on X in 2023.

Known as the “Juice,” Simpson was an American football running back who was accused and later acquitted of killing his ex-wife, Nicole, and her friend, Ronald Goldman. June 12 will mark 30 years since the two were stabbed to death in front of Nicole’s Los Angeles home in 1994. 

Dubbed the “Trial of the Century,” the case captivated Americans from the beginning. While Simpson was acquitted of all criminal charges, he was later found liable for two wrongful-death civil suits brought by the two victims’ families. He maintained his innocence all his life.

The Brown sisters have since tried to raise awareness about the issue of domestic violence and campaigned to strengthen the Violence Against Women Act, which is a landmark law that aims to prevent domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

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Denise also said she felt like she had said the wrong thing years ago, when Nicole confided in her about a violent incident with Simpson.

“I asked her all the ‘whys’ that you don’t ask. … ‘Why don’t you just get out of this relationship? Why don’t you just leave him?’ ” Denise told ABC News. “Those are things that you don’t say, and I didn’t realize that at the time.”

“I just wish that I had known more,” Dominique said. “I just wonder if I could have done more to help or to listen to her.”

The Browns said that the grief of losing their sister is still strong, decades later.

“The pain doesn’t go away, it doesn’t subside, doesn’t get easier,” Denise said. “But you do the best you can and you move on. And it’s one step forward.”

The interview with ABC News comes before a new lifetime documentary, The Life & Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, will air on June 1 and 2.

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