April 18, 2014 8:00 AM EDT

The English town of Brampton had been plagued with a seemingly relentless stream of car vandalism. Over the last six months, a criminal had popped over two dozen car tires belonging to local residents and police had no leads as to the culprit. One victim, Ann Taylor, sought to end the crime wave and set up a CCTV camera. That’s when the criminal was caught red-handed. Or, rather, red-pawed.

Turns out the vandal plaguing the town was a border collie named Jess who, in fact, had it out for cars. The pup had been run over a few months ago and was intent on seeking her revenge. The video shows the collie’s clear intent and the tenacity with which she aims to fulfill her goal of stopping those evil car tires from injuring any other dogs.

To stop the crime spree, the dog will be kept on a leash from now on.

[Via BBC]

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