China’s New Panda Hotel Is as Creepy as It Is Cute

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Rarely do you hear someone say, “You know what the world has too much of? Pandas.”

Not only would that statement be categorically false—in 2004, there were only 1,600 giant pandas left in the wild!—but even if there was an overabundance, who would complain? Pandas are adorable! Until now…

Welcome to China’s Panda Inn, a panda-themed hotel set to open next month that not only boasts panda decor but a very involved panda-costumed staff that will do everything from keep you company during tea time to playing the Jack to your Rose in the hotel’s Titanic-themed room.

There’s a Sailor Moon-themed room as well:

A panda toy on a bed in a room of a panda-themed hotelAFP/Getty Images

The Inn is located at the foot of Emei Mountain and isn’t far from panda reserves:

AFP/Getty Images

A person wearing a panda suit introducing the rooms in a panda-themed hotel at the foot of Emei Mountain in Emeishan, southwest China’s Sichuan province. AFP/Getty Images

How could no one think of this completely non-terrifying idea sooner?

(h/t: Thrillist)

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