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Walter White’s Facebook ‘Look Back’ Cooks Up Breaking Bad Nostalgia

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Facebook generated a slideshow retrospective for every user last week in honor of its 10th anniversary—even if they didn’t ask for them. So generous! These “Look Back” videos mostly compile embarrassing photographs and corny or otherwise unsubstantial status updates, all set to emotionally manipulative orchestral music.

Luckily, someone crafted one of these Facebook-nostalgia reels for somebody who’s a lot more exciting than the average Facebook user: Walter White. The video provides a tidy, one-minute look into the journey of the Breaking Bad anti-hero, from nondescript high school chemistry teacher to ruthless drug lord, all through the lens of his theoretical Facebook page.

The funny thing is: about 70 percent of all your Facebook friends’ Look Back videos probably included a status update about how they felt about the Breaking Bad finale. So just ignore those people and revel in the life of Walter White himself.

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