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When videos go viral on Tiktok they tend to revolve around choreographed dance routines, pun-filled jokes, throwback fun, adorable foods, and whatever you want to call the Wipe It Down challenge. The latest viral video is something else entirely—an incredibly inspiring pep talk delivered by a very serious young man.

The speech was shared by TikTok user @faceonlyamothercouldlove and it is a rousing call for self-love, acceptance, and a fierce determination to make sure anyone and everyone watching the speech have a very good day.

In the video, a determined looking man in a black turtleneck bursts into the room and roars, “Let me tell you something!” He goes on to point out that there are no hashtags on his post, because it is meant “for you” hence its place on his audience’s for you page. He then explains why he is on your feed: “All I want to do is let you know is how beautiful you are today. ”

From there, he goes on to howl an impassioned flow of encouraging words to anyone who happens to be tuning in: “Keep moving forward I know life can be hard, trust me, but I need you to get up everyday and make every day count. Do you hear me? I love you! If nobody has told you lately, let me be the first: I love you. I appreciate you and I cherish you and all I’m asking is for you to feel the same way about your beautiful self.”

He ends by bellowing, “You have a good day today, do you hear me? I love you!” It’s a startling uplifting moment of positivity on a social media site typically better known for things like making the Home Depot theme song go viral. Let’s hope that sharing kind, heartwarming words become the next big TikTok trend.


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