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There’s a new meme making the rounds of the internet and it asks one very important, why don’t more men try to look like a stack of pancakes?

The silliness all started on May 25th, 2020, according to meme tracker database Know Your Meme, when Twitter user @katiey_ke_ posted a tweet of a shirtless torso, and asking the male-identifying members of the internet, “Dear men, what is preventing you from looking like this?”

For some reason, the tweet struck a chord with social media users. Some took issue with the six-pack abs in this time of quarantine menus, some thought the choice of a headless torso was a hilarious decision, others found the whole think patently ridiculous in just the right way, but many more saw the potential for comedy gold. Soon, people across social media networks, Twitter in particular, were commenting, retweeting, liking, and sharing their own versions of the newly-minted meme. The posts ask important questions like, why men didn’t look like, say, Cate Blanchett in a suit, a tattooed Danny DeVito, a hot dog with a human face, or the aforementioned stack of pancakes dripping in syrup. In fairness, those are all excellent questions.

Here are a few prime examples of the new dear meme:

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