May 22, 2020 10:59 AM EDT

While many people are dutifully remaining at home during the coronavirus pandemic, that doesn’t mean they aren’t dreaming of what it will be like when the world reopens and for the first time in months they can step back onto the subway, visit a Gregg’s for a pastry, or grab a fajita at a restaurant. Now, there’s a reaction meme helping people express their future joy.

The video was discovered from a TikTok posted by user @devincaherly. It shows a young man tearing up at the sight of some anonymous beautiful “she”.

According to the video’s caption, the video was a amateur thespian’s attempt to showcase a groom’s possible reaction to seeing his bride walk down the aisle at his wedding. Once it got into the hands of the internet, though, it became something else entirely. Suddenly the teary-eyed teen was the perfect reaction to post-quarantine daydreaming about life and, naturally, food.

The result is a wave of social media posts of people using the TikTok as a tear-filled, tongue-in-cheek reaction to the thought of everything from a McDonald’s order to freshly baked bread straight from the bakery to a new gaming system. It’s become a fun way for internet users to find some humor right now.

(Translation: When the baker gives me a baguette still hot from the oven.)

Of course, some people had to “fix” the video, adding their own little twists to make the original even more poignant:


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