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March 3, 2020 11:53 AM EST

Setting boundaries for kids’ time playing video games in this day and age can be challenging for any parent, but here’s how one took a creative (if slightly illegal) approach this week.

According to a tweet posted by the Lancashire Road Police, a parent who was fed up with their 11-year-old son’s obsession with playing the video game Grand Theft Auto decided to teach him how to drive in real life. The parent and child were practicing driving in a parking lot in Blackpool, England before they were caught by the police.

While the parent was eventually reported for traffic offenses, it appears that the Lancashire Road Police found some humor in the unorthodox situation, as they tweeted alongside the commentary, a photo of the car in the parking lot and a photo of a police car and the caption, “busted,” in the font associated with the notorious video game.

See the full tweet below.

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