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In what may be the most relatable footage of all time, a baby’s gusto-filled response to trying ice cream for the first time has captured the hearts of Internet and confectionary enthusiasts everywhere.

In a clip shared on TikTok by her mother, Brittani Jernigan, this adventurous baby has a first taste of an ice cream cone and immediately reaches for more with an intensity beyond her small stature — going so far as to grab the scoop of ice cream off the cone as she stares at it with widened eyes.

The adorable TikTok video of this tiny human engaging in one of life’s most simple pleasures has resonated with lots of people online, garnering close to 500k likes and over 5k comments, with many of them affirming and agreeing with the baby’s intense emotions about her sweet treat.

Watch this baby’s first taste of ice cream and see the best responses to her hilarious moment below.

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