January 13, 2020 11:52 AM EST

Adjectives do their best. Occasionally, though, they fall far short of the goal of helping to describing something properly. Case in point, when Twitter user @riley909090 went to purchase a fern described as “large” in an online ad, they weren’t expecting a “gigantic daughter” that more or less needs its own bedroom. According to a now-deleted Twitter thread, the soon-to-be fern owner paid just $40 for the plant from an elderly couple, who also threw in a jar of homemade honey in exchange for getting the fern out of their house. The “large” fern turned out to be so massive though that it barely fit into the trunk of its new owner’s car. Once in the house, the fern’s louring presence was so massive that it dominated every space. Its new owner noted that the fern “it has an incredibly frightening aura”, which is hard to work into a room’s feng shui.

The absolutely enormous fern quickly became an internet celebrity with people weighing in on what the plant looked like, who it reminds them of, even what voice the fern might speak in, and adding eyeballs to further anthropomorphize the massive plant. The internet has plenty of adjectives to throw around about the fern and they are all far more descriptive than “large”.

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