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This Mind-Scrambling Shake and Squeeze Hard Boiled Egg Hack Has People Cracking Up

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A new video showing the kitchen trickery that will quicken the process of getting your egg out of its shell has fried brains across social media. Eggs go viral with almost bizarre frequency, and the latest Internet famous egg is a video of a hack that’s supposed take the pain of peeling hard boiled eggs away.

You know how it goes: peeling all the shell away can be grueling, and messy. Nothing we can do though, right? Well, according to this viral video showcasing a food prep hack you may have heard of before, there may be hope at hand.

It comes courtesy of the Back To Nature Twitter account, which shared the video with the caption “Eggxactly how to peel a boiled egg.” The tweet has been liked 3,4000 times since it was posted on Sunday, and not even just for that eggy (eggcellent) pun.

The hack goes as follows. You drop your hard-boiled egg in a water-filled cup and shake it, shake-shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture. Once removed from the cup, you then just give it a gentle squeeze and out pops a de-shelled egg ready to head straight for your mouth or the plate. Congratulations, you’ve saved some valuable egg-peeling time.

In order for the hack to work, the water in your cup should be cold and the egg should still be piping hot from being boiled.

People have no choice but to be stunned, although not everyone has had perfect results recreating the hack:

Others have already tried and tested it to great effect.

Let the tradition of stuff about eggs going viral — from the stock photo that beat Kylie Jenner’s Instagram record to that jiggly blue-dyed egg — live forever.

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