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The Tough Choice in This Extreme Uno Game Has People Nervous, But Also Dying of Laughter

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In some games, phoning an old friend in the middle of a round can be a helpful strategy (or an actual “lifeline”), but an ex? Not so preferable.

That cold hard truth is now on full display thanks to a viral image sweeping Reddit and Twitter, hitting that sweet spot (or sour spot) between one’s competitive spirit and their relationship history just so. Because what starts as a fast-paced, friendly game of Uno turns serious when this card shows up:

“Call/text your recent ex or draw 25,” the clearly adapted Wild-style Uno card asks of the player who’s drawn it from the deck in a photo of the intense version of the original game. Shared by a Twitter user with the username “Goose,” the stunt has received more than 330,000 likes as of Tuesday morning.

Even if you did split with your ex amicably, it’s a big move to make on impulse mid-game. But on the other hand, it’s a lot of cards. The decision to make, then, is whether winning at Uno is more important than winning the breakup. Priorities!

For most, it’s a no-brainer. “I will lose every game of uno for the rest of my life before even thinking of communicating with my ex,” one person replied to the tweet. But for others, perhaps the emotional high that is screaming Uno! and winning a card game with friends would beat out a moment of awkward reminiscing?

Regardless, if you’re playing a game of Uno with someone aware of this now-classic Internet joke, just know the game may be raised. Start strategizing now.

For many it was not an option.

One user put forth a solution a player could tuck up their sleeve.

The Office was invoked.

Don’t sleep on fancy Uno either.

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