January 3, 2020 10:36 AM EST

Yelp at its best can be a helpful restaurant review site that can help hungry diners steer clear of a less than stellar spot.

It’s also filled with personal and petty grievances. Turns out that Yelp has something else to offer the world, too: A wellspring of comedy content thanks to singer and comedian Grace Hayes.

Hayes takes lines from heartfelt complaints documented in one-star Yelp reviews of fast food restaurants and sets them to music, releasing them in bite-size portions on TikTok and sharing on social media. The result is a soothing rendition of someone’s complaint that their Arby’s order was nothing but a “mess of meats and curdled cheese.”

As Eater reports, Hayes didn’t just focus on one fast food chain, but several. Her TikTok account features songs dedicated to a different fast food restaurant including McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Arby’s. Hayes’s smooth tunes make every small injustice sound like a potential hit song.

“Charged me for a water cup, changed my chalupa, the only beef they had was with me,” she sings, cribbing a line from the outraged Yelp reviews of a Taco Bell. In her ode to the Yelp reviews of McDonald’s, she soulfully sings, “I shouldn’t have to chew my coffee.” It’s a fair point that the fast food chain will hopefully take note of thanks to either the Yelp review or Hayes’s beautiful serenade.

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