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Customer Singing Her Complex Starbucks Order Gives Us the Buzziest TikTok Song of Winter

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A young woman singing her way through a Starbucks order has become a flash point online. The video was posted to TikTok by the username @inhertower, although it appears to have since moved to user @sheiskings, as it makes its way around Twitter and YouTube.

In the video, the woman sings her way through a complex Starbucks order to the barista standing at the drive-thru window. This includes a guava white tea lemonade with light ice, an iced coffee with one pump of pumpkin spice, and an extra cup with just ice. “And thanks for being so nice,” she finished, singing to the young man preparing her order.

The song is undeniably catchy and, since TikTok videos run on a loop, after a few listens, it will be hard to get the rhyming tune out of your head. If you happen to also enjoy coffee with one pump of pumpkin spice, don’t be surprised if you find yourself tempted to sing your order at Starbucks the next time you roll through.

The barista in the video is smiling, and seems to be unbothered by the serenade, saying, “That was cra—I didn’t expect that!” But it has drawn some criticism from folks on the internet, who are less convinced it was fair for her to make him a participant in her quest for a viral moment.

People took to Twitter to share their thoughts with many noting that if they were the drive-thru worker, they wouldn’t be able to hide their annoyance.

She has posted several videos to TikTok of her singing her way through her Starbucks order to a tune out of Lizzo’s songbook, and even a Krispy Kreme one, and in one video, expressing her hope that the videos go viral.

Despite the online critiques, the video has racked up 14.3 million views and 6.6 million likes on TikTok.

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