The 20 Best Holiday Gifts Under $100

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The holiday season can be a whirlwind of activity — whether it’s the non-stop parties, planning trips or rescheduling planned trips because of a surprise snowstorm, it’s all too easy to let buying the perfect presents for loved-ones, and the office Secret Santa, until the last minute. And yes, giving a Starbucks gift card in the office Secret Santa is a cop-out. It’s useful, but still a cop-out! There’s no need to worry, however; TIME’s editors have taken on the challenge of finding the best gifts. Hand-picked by our staff, these are all products they’re giving (or are hoping to receive) this year.

All available for less than three figures, these gifts range from a sleek, self-cleaning water bottle to, well, salami — because cats can have a little salami, and so can you. Here, the 20 best holiday gifts under $100.

A milk frother

Up your latte game. Max out your macchiato. Turn a cappuccino into a cappucciyes. The bad puns stop here, but the impact of a milk frother in your coffee routine will live on.

Buy now: Nestle Nespresso Aerocino ($99.99)

A LARQ self-cleaning water bottle

A water bottle that uses UV-C LED light to eliminate 99.9999% of bio-contaminants from your water at the touch of a button; TIME’s Anna Kambhampaty recommends LARQ as a game-changer in the workday hydration stakes.

Buy now: LARQ bottle ($89)

A Tile Pro 2-pack

This sleek Bluetooth tracker and app ensures that lost keys and phones are a thing of the past — as in, you won’t lose them anymore, as opposed to forgetting about them entirely.

Buy now: Tile pro 2-pack ($59.99)

A super (yes, super) large Opening Ceremony tote

A gargantuan yet low-key glamorous tote that’s perfect for anyone who’s notorious for carrying everything but the kitchen sink in their bag. In theory, they actually could carry that sink, though.

Buy now: Opening Ceremony super large tote ($98)

An Imartine ring light

Give the gift of good lighting to your friend building a YouTube brand, or anyone who just truly appreciates taking an excellent selfie. Here, the two ring lights ensure that anyone (everyone!) in frame will be glowing and the tripod makes it easy to be hands-free.

Buy now: Imartine dual ring light with tripod stand ($52.99)

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A copy of Walter Chandoha’s Cats coffee table photobook

“The Internet has made it possible for all cat owners to share their love of these wonderful animals,” photographer Walter Chandoha told WIRED in 2015. With the release of this new book of portraits, Chandoha — who has spent over 70 years perfecting (purrfecting?) his craft — means you don’t even need to be logged on.

Buy now: Walter Chandoha: Cats ($50)

A ‘starter set’ of potted plants

For anyone with a green thumb (or those aspiring to become a plant parent), these beautiful potted plants will be a welcome addition to any home. During cold and dreary winter months, these resilient houseplants will offer an uplifting pop of greenery.

Buy now: The Sill potted beginner duo ($58)

A raclette set

Give the glorious gift of melted cheese — yes, melted cheese — to those near and dear to you with this easy raclette set. Once more just for those in the back: melted cheese.

Buy now: Swissmar classic raclette set ($88)

A National Parks annual pass

Just in case the illusion of the great outdoors won’t cut it, treat the adventure lovers in your life — or anyone in need of a breath of fresh air, literally — with a National Parks annual pass. Then make them promise they’ll leave you a space in the RV when they get to road tripping.

Buy now: National Parks annual pass ($80)

A portable speaker

Granted, going outside in the depths of winter for even the duration of one Lizzo song seems like a dubious idea, but there’s no harm in planning ahead for summer picnics and warmer weather get-togethers. Also, if you know a friend with a hot tub, ’tis the season — and this JBL speaker is waterproof.

Buy now: JBL Flip 4 portable Bluetooth speaker

A Hatchsleep ‘sleep pod’

Wrapping gifts up over the holidays is rarely fun, but wrapping yourself up? Yes please. In fact, nothing feels better during the holiday season than being cozy, which is why you should get a Hatch sleep pod for everyone on your gift list. The soft fabric pod provides gentle, cooling and comforting pressure around the body, utilizing the apparent benefits of “deep touch pressure therapy” to evoke a feeling of being gently hugged.

Buy now: Hatch sleep pod ($89.99)

A boxed set of artisanal salami

This all-natural and nitrate-free salami boxed set comes in four flavors: cabernet wine, hot toscano, rosemary lamb, and beef.

Buy now: Foustman’s salami wooden gift box ($59.99)

A classic cocktail mixing glass

Crafted from hand-blown glass, these cocktail mixing glasses are perfect for someone who enjoys hosting (or just enjoys a good gin and tonic).

Buy now: Reed Smythe & Co. cocktail mixing glass ($80)

A bottle of luxe bubble bath


The mallow blossom extract in Austrian wellness guru Susanne Kaufman’s bubble bath blend moisturizes and coddles the skin — for a bathtime that’s as nourishing as it is relaxing. The blend also features chamomile, pine oil and juniper extract.

Buy now: Susanne Kaufmann mallow blossom bubble bath ($70)

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A Parker safety razor

No more nicks, no more missed spots. This classic single blade razor is a luxurious way to ensure that whoever you gift it to gets the closest of shaves, says TIME’s Ashley Hoffman.

Buy now: Parker safety razor ($57.99)

A Hatch baby night light

For the littlest person on your gift list (or their grateful parents), Hatch’s 3-in-1 invention offers an app-controlled night light, white noise and morning alarm.

Buy now: Hatch Baby rest sound machine, night light and alarm ($59.99)

An Otter & Pop iPhone Case

As featured on TIME’s 2019 Best Inventions list, this sleek and colorful phone case combines a Pop socket with the sturdy protection of an Otter Box case, writes TIME’s Cady Lang, for a gift that’s functional and cute.

Buy now: Otter & Pop iPhone case ($54.95)

A special edition Death Stranding PS4 game

One of TIME’s best PS4 games of the moment, Death Stranding will test the wits and the ingenuity of your favorite PS4 gamer. Death Stranding isn’t like any other video game out there, writes Matthew Gault, eschewing combat and forcing the player to ask hard questions about how technology both connects and disconnects us.

Buy now: Death Stranding: special edition PS4 game ($64.39)

A compass

Sometimes Google Maps just doesn’t cut it. For the intrepid traveler in your life, this classic Dalvey compass features stainless steel and blue mother-of-pearl. (Pair this with a National Parks pass and yes, you’ve won the gifting game.)

Buy now: Dalvey voyager compass ($91)

A BTS “Seasons Greetings” holiday gift pack

With K-Pop fandom’s continued growth, this boxset of BTS merchandise is a sure-fire “Fire” gift for an ARMY recruit. The 2020 pack includes a calendar, DVD, diary, selfie stickers and posters.

Buy now: BTS 2020 Seasons Greetings ($99.99)

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