November 22, 2019 12:15 PM EST

Sometimes we need to hear hard truths and that’s precisely what TikTok users are doing with the search engine’s translation function to tell it like it is.

These hilarious, customized Google Translate meme videos say everything people need to hear right now.

“Plenty of people have trouble spelling the word necessary,” one meme reads.

“Google translate really came at me like that,” another user captioned her video, which informs her in no uncertain terms just how low her bank account is.

Here was one of the most popular, some light ribbing.

And another pair of widely viewed memes imagined the plight of the mongoose.

Indulgence is a theme, as was the case in this tearful one involving chocolate cake.

The format is simple. You start by typing in something you want or need to hear. And then you capture your own reaction, inserting yourself into your story that covers something specific that presumably, other people can relate to, like needing to get it “together” or “earn a living.”

Some of them are earnest and some of them are for pure fun.

Just hit play for yourself and hear Google launch into a reassuring affirmation — or quite the opposite, a bubble-bursting reality. That’s it. That’s the meme.

Many of the video clip memes percolating on TikTok happen to be set to the sad violin strains of “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron, a song featured in the buzzy Netflix show 13 Reasons Why song, spurred along in no small part thanks to TikTok user Rhys Williams’ cover, who often gets the credit in the captions for his song.

In fact, in the pantheon of the latest memes to spread, therapy and self-care memes keep popping, but this is already one of the more of the funny, self-deprecating kind. It’s not easy to make an instant classic out of personal struggles, but this one’s an instant classic. It has stayed true to the simplicity of the format, but of course animals, and “no you don’t look like that celebrity,” patterns have taken off.

The jokes keep coming.

Marvel at the high-caliber automated messages on display with this sampling of the best Google Translate memes and nod every time you are touched by their universal truths. OR better yet, wrap yourself in a blanket and create your own to listen to over and over.

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