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This New JetBlue Security Question Is Proving Almost Impossible to Answer. Or Is It?

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A security question from JetBlue is asking parents to do something they’d likely never do in public, or even on the semi-privacy of their browsing session: share the name of their favorite child.

In a screenshot posted on Twitter Sunday, a user shared part of the account sign-up process on JetBlue’s website — specifically, the security questions page. And one question in particular, which point blank asks, “what is the name of your favorite child?”

“JetBlue savage for this,” the user wrote. (The question is technically “optional,” per the screenshot, but still.)

The airline took the matter in stride, and retweeted the screenshot on Tuesday, adding: “Say it. You know you have one.”

Naturally, the first response was a GIF of “baby Yoda” from the Disney+ Star Wars series The Mandalorian, a character that has recently become the internet’s favorite child. Another user suggested listing the name of her rescue dog instead of her childrens’.

While most parents would likely claim they love all their children equally, at least one study has shown that parents favor, or at least show preferential treatment toward one child. But naming a ‘favorite’ child could help parents in terms of security — a hacker trying to get into your account is unlikely to be clued into unspoken family dynamics. According to Infosec Institute, which provides training to IT and security professionals, choosing to answer less obvious security questions makes for a stronger account.

On the flipside, if your Internet presence makes it clear you only have two or three children, it’s a not-too-difficult guessing game to play out. And — in perhaps a worst-case scenario — it could also lead to some very awkward questions on a family vacation if you’re only offered an upgrade for you and the child in question.

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