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By Ashley Hoffman
November 12, 2019

Someone fell victim to ice cream theft at the hands of a crafty gentleman who is now a newly anointed internet hero.

A clip from the on Monday night’s Ottawa Senators-Carolina Hurricanes game at the PNC Arena captures it all. The FOX Sports broadcast shows the incident take place when a man takes his eyes off of his own ice cream cone as he looks at his friend’s phone, leaving himself wide open.

That’s when a fellow fan in a beanie hat makes away with the entire ice cream by slipping it out of its paper cup. Even though he made no effort to hide the fact that he was treating himself to the ice cream instead of ponying up the cash for his own, he appeared to get away with it. Until he didn’t that is. He helps himself to a mouthful of ice cream before the true ice cream owner notices. Evidently satisfied with just a taste, the wily man returns the ice cream to its rightful owner when he catches on and smiles.

While it’s entirely possible this was staged in the vein of the mayo tub stunt, that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. The Hurricanes beat the Senators 8-2, but the ice cream hijinks certainly made this segment more interesting.

The hammy moment is delighting the masses on reddit’s videos subreddit and Twitter where the ice cream mischief maker is gaining a bit of a reputation.

Consider this a lesson to keep your eyes on your snacks at all times lest you fall victim to theft.

It’s also an instructional video for finding the window of opportunity life gives you, and never looking back.

See how the scene goes down as everyone celebrates the sly move below.

“Crime of the century,” the Carolina Hurricanes called it.

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