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People Are Applauding This Trolling Icon Toddler Who Will Never Let Go of Her Comical Dad Impression

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A precocious little girl in London is enjoying her viral video moment for relentlessly mimicking her father’s shrug emoji moment.

The clip comes thanks to the father’s friend, BuzzFeed News editor David Mack, who relayed the story on Twitter: “One of my best friends lives in London and one day his baby girl wanted to know what the black electricity box on the street was, but he didn’t know so he shrugged,” Mack wrote. “And now every time they see one she does this.”

This video has been viewed 259,000 times since it was shared late Tuesday afternoon, and has excellent replay value.

While the way she executes the charismatic shrug alone is impressive, it’s the fact that this impressionist icon apparently does it every single time the opportunity presents itself that makes the clip perfect. Now it’s not only a running gag in her family, but for all of the Internet. The shoulders. Amazing. The face. Epic. This girl! A pint-sized comedian if ever there was one.

Also, thanks to one of her new-found fans in the Twitter replies, this is the deal with that puzzling box. “It’s called a junction box,” the helpful tweets explained. “Overhead lines which transmit high voltage electricity are connected to the lines that feed our houses with lower voltage energy and this is the junction point/ transformer between the two levels.”

That’s all well and good — but just think, if her father explained this to her then we wouldn’t have this masterpiece, which you can watch in its entirety below.

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