By Associated Press
October 29, 2019

(WAUKEE, Iowa) — Authorities are investigating another explosion at an Iowa gender reveal party that happened one day after a blast at a similar gathering killed a 56-year-old woman in a nearby community.

Authorities say no one was injured in the explosion Sunday in rural Waukee, a Des Moines suburb, but they are looking into unconfirmed claims that the blast broke a neighbor’s windows.

Waukee Fire Capt. Tomme Tysdal says the Waukee explosion came from a commercially available gender reveal kit, unlike the homemade device that killed Pamela Kreimeyer on Saturday near Knoxville, a town 45 miles (74 kilometers) away.

Authorities say Kreimeyer died instantly when her family’s device exploded, hitting her in the head from 45 feet (14 meters) away.

Gender reveal parties with attention-grabbing efforts such as explosives have become increasingly common nationally and popular on social media.

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