Updated: September 13, 2019 3:29 PM ET | Originally published: September 13, 2019 9:24 AM EDT

We are in a time of war for brands trying to be trolls on Twitter after Chex Mix spiced up your internet life by suggesting a slightly impractical way to mark your place in a book with its snack mix.

“Don’t have a bookmark? Try using Chex Mix instead,” was the suggestion captioning a photo of an unruly pile of rye bagel chips and breadsticks splattered all over the page.

Gauntlet thrown.

And on some parts of the platform, the party mix’s Twitter account ignited a contest as a marketing tool as companies began tweeting memes of all the things you should never do to a sacred work of literature.

Things escalated and they escalated promptly.

Word to the wise: you should never mark a book with a dog, or a Vitaminwater, or a pillar for goodness sake.

The shenanigans of brands don’t usually provoke the same enjoyment as memes that sprout organically. But in a post-chicken sandwich wars world, you can still enjoy the jokes that reverberated as consumer packaged goods and bookish Twitter collided.

Marvel at the high-caliber Photoshop jobs on display with “Don’t have a bookmark?” meme below.

Strand Book Store in particular went on a bit of a tear.

And it was a matter of moments before regular people got in on the antics.

Having fun isn’t hard if you have a library card, unless you don’t have a bookmark and you have to get crafty. Just remember that babies aren’t bookmarks, and you’re good.

But some people don’t even need a bookmark.

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