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Instead of using a Naruto run to storm Area 51 — an idea that over 2 million people recently latched onto — these water park attendees got inspired to bring the Japanese anime show’s magic to life in a much less dangerous situation.

In a video that began going viral on Reddit on Tuesday, a young man can be seen standing underneath a water park dumping bucket and performing hand signs in the style of Naruto‘s water release jutsu, moves that are often used in the show to manipulate pre-existing sources of water. As he finishes the routine, the bucket tips and unleashes a massive cascade of water as if he had called the wave himself.

The water absolutely soaks both him and his friend, an outcome that earns a laugh as he walks away from the splash zone. However, the video has sparked some debate among close watchers.

Some Redditors were quick to point out that his moves may not technically have been the right ones. “This would be a ten minute gif if he used the correct hand signs,” quipped user Tea-acH-Cee.

Watch the video below.

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