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Very Tall Considerate Concertgoer Attendee Wears the Most Perfect T-Shirt Ever

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If you’re short, buying tickets for a general admission concert is a bit of a gamble. Most likely you’ll be able to walk in to the show and find a place to stand and see the stage. However, there’s one thing that can put a serious wrench in any short music fan’s night—a tall person standing right in front of them blocking the band, making it hard to mosh, and giving a full view of the person’s back instead.

If you’re short and stuck standing behind a tall person at a concert, it’s a serious bummer. You’ve paid for a ticket to see your favorite band live and then due to your stature—and the stature of the person in front of you—you can’t actually see the band on the stage. While some tall people will kindly step aside letting their shorter brethren in front, some adamantly refuse to leave their post. While it’s frustrating for shorter people, tall folks also paid for a ticket and shouldn’t have to stand at the back if they don’t want to. It’s a bit of a lose lose situation with only genetics to blame.

Twitter user @Campaign_Otaku, however, shared one concertgoer who came up with the perfect solution, or at least the perfect solution that didn’t involve standing in the back row of the show, and shared the image on the social media site after it made the rounds on reddit.

As SoraNews24.com reports, the image shows a considerate concert goer who recognized that he would stand head and shoulders above the crowd and wanted to be prepared in advance. To that end, he donned a shirt emblazoned wit the word “sorry” on the back to apologize to anyone stuck in his shadow staring at his shoulders instead of the stage. It’s a brilliant solution. The only better option? Assigned stadium-style seating.

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