This Photo of an ‘All-Crust’ Pizza Has Made a Lot of People Very Saucy

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Forget about debating which toppings belong on pizza and which don’t. If pizza enthusiasts don’t act now, “all-crust” pizzas may just become the latest trend.

After New York pizzeria Cuts & Slices shared a photo on Instagram of the special request “crust only” pizza they made for rapper Jadakiss on Tuesday, the controversial shot began to go viral almost immediately. “I had to see Jadakiss’ all-crust pizza so now you do too,” Twitter user Esquvidu wrote alongside the post.

Mere hours later, all-crust opponents were flooding social media with their saucy takes on the unconventional order. Some detractors simply couldn’t get over the idea of ordering a pizza-less pizza.

“I mean it’s one thing to eat the crust FIRST, but order a pizza with the pizza part cut out is … idk man I’ve never seen anything like this before,” tweeted one user.

“Cursed image,” the Twitter account for the Desus & Mero show added.

Others couldn’t help but point out that Jadakiss could have simply ordered breadsticks instead. Responses ranged from “This man never heard of breadsticks??” to “That’s just a closed bread stick” to “just get a baguette bro.”

Could the fight against all-crust pizza be the unifying issue of the internet age? Only time will tell.

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