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July 11, 2019 2:44 PM EDT

The latest viral meme to capture the Internet’s fancy might just be among some of the most playful things to hit the web this year, a fitting Internet moment for the dog days of summer.

In a short clip, a young YouTuber named Fiseem is seen posing for the camera in a wig while unsuccessfully stifling a fit of giggles, an interlude that instantly captured the hearts of the Internet. His expression during the video is bemused, carefree, unbothered, and entirely mischievous — providing a perfect reaction meme for anyone looking to lighten the mood or give a humorous hot take as is par for the course on social media.

The clip, which went viral after being posted by the Twitter account @fvckstration, has garnered over 50 million views, but the Internet has had the most fun retweeting it with their own commentary, which runs the gamut from Twitter users using the amusing clip to describe the state of their love lives to discussing the personality traits of various astrological signs.



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