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July 11, 2019 11:14 AM EDT

If you’ve ever dropped something onto the tracks of the New York City subway, you know that it’s usually best to just accept that your belonging is gone forever. But when one woman’s lost AirPod was still in one piece a full 24 hours after she originally dropped it, she felt she had no choice but to rescue it.

In a series of tweets that have since gone viral, Twitter user Ashley Mayer recently chronicled her AirPod’s near brush with subway death and subsequent rescue a day later.

“The AirPod fell out of my ear several feet away from the edge of the subway platform, but I’ve never seen anything more inevitable. RIP little buddy. Thanks for all the podcasts,” she wrote on the night of July 9 to pay tribute to her fallen friend.

However, after returning to the same platform the next night, Mayer realized that her AirPod was still on the tracks and sprung into action.

“Omg you guys he’s still down there,” she tweeted on July 10. “I think I need to rescue him (Don’t worry I won’t jump down there.)”

Mayer then went to the store for supplies she could use to fashion a rescue device — i.e., a broom and duct tape — and after navigating a full subway platform, managed to retrieve her “little buddy.”

“He’s filthy but he’s mine (again)!” she wrote. “AirPod has been thoroughly cleaned and is now recharging (literally, figuratively). Please send thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.”

And after all was said and done, the AirPod apparently worked like new.

“I dedicate this selfie to the germaphobes. (You may be onto something, guess we’ll see!)” she captioned a photo of her wearing both AirPods again. “Verdict: he’s working wonderfully.”

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