By Associated Press
July 9, 2019

(PARIS) — European parties to a nuclear deal with Iran say they have “deep concern” that Iran has begun enriching uranium to a higher purity than allowed under the agreement and are calling for an urgent meeting of all involved in the accord.

In a joint statement Tuesday by Germany, Britain, France and the European Union, the group expressed “deep concern that Iran is not meeting several of its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action,” or JCPOA, as the 2015 nuclear deal is known.

Besides enriching uranium past the allowed 3.67% to 4.5%, the U.N. nuclear agency has also confirmed Iran has surpassed the stockpile limit on low-enriched uranium.

The Europeans say Iran has said it wants to remain in the JCPOA and “must act accordingly by reversing these activities and returning to full JCPOA compliance without delay.”

They say a meeting of the JCPOA commission, which also included Russia and China, “should be convened urgently” but didn’t specify when.

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