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Charlize Theron appeared on NBC's 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' to promote her new movie 'Long Shot'.

It’s hard to compete with Rihanna, even if you’re Charlize Theron. The Long Shot star stopped by Late Night on Wednesday and shared a story that shows that even Theron’s own publicist seems to prefer Rihanna.

“You want your publicist to like you,” Theron told host Seth Meyers. “You want to think that your publicist thinks that you’re worth putting out there in the world and that has to come from a very authentic place. It’s hard when your other client is somebody like Rihanna.”

Theron was always touched by the little birthday text messages her publicist would send her, that read something like “Happiest bday,” the actress explained. “I always sincerely thought my publicist really loved me,” Theron said, but that was proven incorrect when she got a t-shirt in the mail from Rihanna.

Turns out that on Rihanna’s birthday, the publicist sent the singer an email that read, “To my FAVORITE!!!! I hope you are having a blast.” The enthusiasm was so marked, that Rihanna told the publicist that she was going to put that email on a t-shirt and send it to Theron just to troll her — and she did. As proof, the Oscar-winning actress brought the t-shirt to Late Night showing that Rihanna is a master troll.

Theron, of course, is still a Rihanna fan and managed to find a silver lining “She took the time to tell her assistant to make me a T-shirt,” she joked. “That is really cool.”

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