April 4, 2019 1:39 PM EDT

If you’re looking for the perfect menu item to add to your Game of Thrones premiere watch party, it might be time to dust off your Valyrian, the language spoken in Valyria, the ancestral home of House Targaryen. Shake Shack, or Rholītso Rhakion as they say in Valyrian, has announced a few secret menu items, but they are only available to people who speak the language of the Valyrian people.

Starting today, as Gothamist reports, Valyrian speakers can order a Dragonglass Shake, or Zīrtom Perzomy Rholītsos, which Shake Shack describes as custard “frozen with packed snow harvested beyond the Wall and hand churned by members of the Night’s Watch.” The frozen custard is then shipped to the Stark stronghold of Winterfell, to be topped with “shards of Dragonglass imported from the caves of Dragonstone.”

The shake pairs perfectly with a Dracarys Burger, or Drakaro Parkliapos, “sourced from the finest head of cattle The Seven Kingdoms has to offer” and is flavored with “herbs and spices sourced from the conquered cities of Yunhai, Meeren and Astapor” and topped with “bacon imported from Essos—a Dothraki delicacy.” They caution that burger may be too spicy for non-Targaryens, or people without a knack for riding dragons.

The burger and shake combo are available exclusively to Valyrian speakers who make their way (on dragonback perhaps?) to the Madison Square Park Shake Shack in New York, the original outpost of the growing burger chain. Get there soon, though, because the Dragonglass Shake will be available through 5/19, while the Dracarys Burger will be available through 4/21, while supplies last.

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