Castaway Released From Hospital

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The castaway who washed ashore in the Marshall Islands last week claiming he had been lost at sea for 13 months was released from a hospital for the second time on Friday, officials said.

Jose Salvador Alvarenga was readmitted to the hospital Thursday because doctors were concerned about his dehydration, vitamin levels, and swollen legs. He is now staying in a hotel after his latest release, and plans for his return to El Salvador have been postponed, , CNN reports.

Alvarenga washed ashore more than a week ago after an ordeal at sea that he says lasted 13 months. He and his younger fishing partner left the Mexican port of Paredon Viejo in December 2012 in order to catch sharks, but his tiny boat was blown off course. He says he survived for over a year by eating raw birds and turtles, and drinking rainwater and urine. Alvarenga is originally from El Salvador, but had been living and working in Mexico.


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