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‘Lemonade Freedom!’ Bill Letting Children in Texas Legally Run Their Own Lemonade Stands Passes

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Kids in Texas can soon lawfully run lemonade stands on their block, all thanks to their state’s legislature.

Now that a bill passed in the legislature on Wednesday, according to the Dallas News, it will move to the Texas state Senate.

Sponsored by Rep. Matt Krause, a Republican representing Fort Worth, the very important bill makes it illegal for children under the age of 18 to be required any kind of license to sell their lemonade “or other nonalcoholic beverages.”

At present, it’s illegal for children to hold lemonade stands in the Lone Star State due to health concerns over homemade and unregulated drinks. The law, if instated, would overturn the ban from the Texas Food Establishment Rules from the state’s health department.

“Lemonade freedom” is apparently a very big deal in Texas, and Krause made his feelings on the matter heard. “Today is lemonade freedom day,” Krause said on Tuesday, the Dallas News reports. “It’s a great day for our Texas entrepreneurs.” Some of those mini-entrepreneurs demonstrated their passion outside government offices on Tuesday as the bill was considered.

Earlier this month, a similar bill was passed in Colorado to allow unlicensed business-owners (and your average elementary schooler) to operate lemonade stands.

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