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The Delightful Triangle Dance Is the New Viral Craze Getting People Working as a Team

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Don’t be deceived: the Triangle Challenge or Triangle Dance Challenge is not for beginners, although it’s mostly safe to try at home.

The new viral dance craze requires three participants and the commitment to stay focused as you jump around in coordination with your hands on each other’s shoulders in a “triangle” formation, hence the name. Then, each person jumps in the direction of a different “point” of the invisible triangle, between the other two in the unit, in rotation. The synchronized result is an impressive little dance that has gotten everyone from professional dancers to coworkers to school kids trying it out themselves.

The dance appears to have been born — or at least picked up steam — on TikTok, the social media video platform, earlier in February; KnowYourMeme traces the first filmed instance to a TikTok user by the name of Matthew Jones, who shared a video of the dance on Feb. 1. By now it’s made its way all the way to the rest of social media.

It’s not the first viral dance challenge to capture the internet’s attention, of course, nor will it be the last. It’s preceded by the likes of the Mannequin Challenge, and more recently the In My Feelings Challenge and Lindsay Lohan’s LiLo dance.

See some of the best triangle dance challenge attempts below.

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