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Updated: July 2, 2019 5:16 PM ET | Originally published: March 20, 2019

Big Little Lies is back.

There are plenty of must-see shows about extremely watchable mothers, but few in recent memory have been consumed as eagerly as HBO’s acclaimed murder mystery miniseries Big Little Lies.

The California sunset-saturated masterpiece, an adaptation of Liane Moriarty’s bestselling novel of the same name that premiered in 2017, elevated dialogue about domestic abuse and gave viewers the delight of watching Laura Dern screaming and Reese Witherspoon puppeteering the social lives of Monterey’s residents. Sure, there were delicious rivalries, but it also turned out to be a powerful onscreen study of trauma.

The Golden Globes and the Emmy awards for the seven-episode first season just kept rolling in, and now the Monterey moms are coming back with that Big Mom Energy for more.

Here’s everything you need to know about Big Little Lies season 2.

What is the Big Little Lies season 2 premiere time?

Big Little Lies returned for season 2 on Sunday, June 9 at 9 p.m. E.T. and will end on Sunday, July 14 airing at 9 p.m. E.T.

What we learned from the full Big Little Lies season 2 trailer

The full trailer for Big Little Lies season 2 has arrived, and it teases what happens in the aftermath of the first season’s curtain dropper.

It seemingly looks like Perry’s death is still casting a large shadow over everyone. And Madeline (Reese Witherspoon), Celeste (Nicole Kidman), Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz), Jane (Shaliene Woodley) and Renata (Laura Dern) are picking up the pieces. “I still feel responsible for the accident,” Celeste can be heard saying.

What role does Meryl Streep play in Big Little Lies?

Meryl Streep will make her Lies debut as Mary Louise Wright, Perry’s mom, who appears to be demanding answers about how he perished in season 1. Mary and at least one detective are just not buying what the mothers are selling.

Jennifer Clasen/HBO

No one said there would be no drama.

Where did the Big Little Lies characters leave off at the end of season 1?

In the Lies finale, titled “You Get What You Need,” viewers finally find out who died and the identity of the killer. It all goes down during a furious argument at the school’s costume party fundraiser, culminating in Bonnie shoving Perry, which causes him to plummet to his death.

This episode sees the detonation of some big truth bombs that set this all in motion.

During the season finale, Jane tells Celeste that it was Max (Nicholas Crovetti) who was bullying Amabella, not Ziggy. The revelation that Max could be taking after his father, Perry, is the pivotal crack in Celeste’s firm belief that Perry would never hurt the children.

During Ed’s cringe-inducing song at the fundraiser, Madeline becomes so wracked with guilt about her affair that she runs off and tells Jane. The key players all eventually end up off to the side of the party’s action, and in a chilling moment, Perry is revealed to be Jane’s rapist, as the horror on her face registers at the sight of him.

That’s when an enraged Perry hits Celeste. Madeline and Renata try to restrain him, but he lashes out at them too. Bonnie races to the scene and shoves Perry, ultimately costing him his life as he tumbles down the concrete stairs to his death.

His death was a culmination of a narrative throughout which Monterey’s most glam moms and dads were completely in the dark about Perry’s abuse. Until that night, no one knew that he abused his wife, Celeste, and sexually assaulted Jane, resulting in the birth of her son, Ziggy.

Season 1 caps off with coordinated testimonies showing that none of the mothers give up Bonnie, who could possibly face community service for involuntary manslaughter. One hanging thread? The detective is suspicious of how similar their language is.

Perry’s death leaves his family on the road to recovery with a little help from the other moms. And help, the curtain dropper assures fans, is something that each mom will have. It appears the rivals have buried the hatchet and the season concludes with a beach hangout that sends a message of solidarity.

What happened at the Big Little Lies premiere party?

Looks were served. And if the photos of the ensemble cast’s arrival are any indication, they’re having a grand old time.

Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Zoë Kravitz, Adam Scott, Laura Dern, Meryl Streep and Shailene Woodley were all on hand. And everyone incorporated black into their outfits. What a team.

In the hype leading up to the show, fans noticed that the newly released promotional billboard spells out the names of the lead actors arranged to vertically spell out the phrase ‘New lies.”

What hints were dropped in the run-up to the trailer?

When HBO announced the show’s highly anticipated return date in February at the 2019 TCA Awards, presented by the Television Critics Association, they released a bunch of photos, raining down on the show’s fans like so much wine split between pals at an outdoor fire-pit bar. One thing was clear from the pictures: showdowns are expected.

How many episodes will there be in Big Little Lies Season 2?

Big Little Lies Season 2 will have seven episodes, just like the first season.

Who’s in the cast for Big Little Lies season 2?

You’re about to get coffee with all your old friends and frenemies again.

Here’s who’s back to reprise their roles from the original cast: Nicole Kidman as Celeste Wright, Reese Witherspoon as Madeline Martha Mackenzie, Shailene Woodley as Jane Chapman, Laura Dern as Renata Klein, Alexander Skarsgard as Perry (perhaps as a flashback, given that he died in the Season 1 finale) and Zoe Kravitz as Bonnie.

Also returning for a second season are Adam Scott as Ed; Jeffrey Nordling as Gordon, Renata’s husband; James Tupper as Nathan Carlson, Bonnie’s husband; Iain Armitage as Ziggy, Jane’s son; Kathryn Newton as Abigail Carlson, Madeline and Nathan’s rebellious daughter and Robin Weigert as Celeste and Perry’s therapist.

The core crew is definitely getting along offscreen and seems to have a burning personal passion for the show.

Also on the newcomer front, we get Douglas Smith as Corey Brockfield, an aspiring marine biologist who will work with Jane.

Mo McRae will play Michael Perkins, a new teacher at Otter Bay Elementary, where things got hectic in the first season.

Jean-Marc Vallée directed every episode of Lies for season one, but this time around he’ll be an executive producer. The show moves on to a different director, Andrea Arnold, whose TV credits include I Love Dick and Transparent. Arnold, who also directed the movies Fish Tank and American Honey, will helm all seven episodes.

What do we know about the plot of Big Little Lies season 2?

Fans would have kept watching even if the ladies were just hanging out on the beach, as they do at the end of Season 1. But in Season 2, these California queens have things to do. The show wrapped up the story from the novel on which it is based, but the story will expand beyond it in its next season.

Season 2, which finished up production last August, will reportedly go darker and deeper. According to HBO:

The show was lauded for adding layers of depth to its story of feuds and murder. But it sounds like the beautiful sisterhood forged in the wake of all that barely repressed rage hasn’t lasted.

Apparently, there’s a scene in which Madeline throws ice cream at Perry’s mother, which sounds like a treat.

According to Deadline, Bonnie’s got some more processing to do about her role in what happened to Perry in Season 1, and Renata’s facing marital troubles.

One thing to bank on is that this is not a show about a bunch of women who simply orbit around a major player. This series allows them each to be a protagonist in their own narratives.

Is there a Big Little Lies Season 2 trailer yet?

On April 14, HBO released the first teaser trailer for season 2, which featured the first glimpse of Streep as Mary Louise Wright, Perry’s mother.

Fans got their first look at the season on Feb. 24 when HBO debuted some brand new footage from Big Little Lies Season 2 in a promotional hype video teasing looks at Game of Thrones, His Dark Materials and Veep.

From the looks of it, Streep’s character is determined to dig into the mystery of what happened the night of the school fundraiser that claimed the life of Celeste’s abusive husband. “I want to know what happened that night. I’m very tempted to ask you, but I…I don’t think I would get the truth, would I?” Mary Louise Wright says to one of the moms.

And blessedly, we’re getting at least one deeply cathartic Renata scream, one of the show’s main draws.

I’m ready. Now how can I catch up on Big Little Lies before Season 2?

HBO, the home of Big Little Lies, provides a few different ways to watch Season 1. Cord cutters can take advantage of their free one-month trial and binge the show on their streaming site. If you’re an HBO subscriber, you can stream the show for free on HBO GO on your television at home or your mobile device. Another option: sign up for HBO Now, which offers unlimited access to every HBO show with a satellite or cable subscription.

If you’re an Amazon viewer, you can stream season one in its entirely on Amazon Channels. And if you’re an HBO subscriber it’s free. Don’t subscribe? You can absolutely still watch by forking over $3.99 per episode.

You can also buy it on iTunes for $22.99 and take the mom squad with you on the go.

And when the show comes back, you can either subscribe to HBO to watch it live each week or sign up for Hulu’s streaming plan for $14.99 a month to watch Big Little Lies on multiple devices.

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