February 15, 2019 10:38 AM EST

A romantic gift for Kim Kardashian has become a gift for the collective minds of the internet.

To wish Kim Kardashian a very happy Valentine’s Day, Kenny G played “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on the saxophone amid innumerable single long-stemmed roses in glass vases.

It appears Kanye West orchestrated the grand overture. But more to the point, people wanted to know, is Kenny G alright? Is he sentenced to play trapped among the endless roses for all eternity? Has he been watered? Has he been fed? These are the questions that kept the internet up at night.

There has been a dual-faceted response to the gesture––it made hearts flutter for its grandeur and made people bristle at how over-the-top the performative stunt was. But forget that. Kenny G’s well-being matters.

It’s hardly the first over-the-top display of love for Kanye West, who is a showman through and through. But of course, the visuals were ripe to be satirized.

Kenny G fans have long have a love affair with the superstar’s seductive instrumental tune. According to BookingEntertainment, it costs $150,000 to book him to play songs like “Going Home” and “Don’t Make Me Wait for Love.”

So Kenny G may have been in on the whole sweet idea, but the internet would like people to check on him.

Even Chrissy Teigen had questions about the arrangement.

Lastly, who will sing Kenny G’s song?

Happy Valentine’s Day to us all.

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