February 6, 2019 8:56 AM EST

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer addressed President Trump’s claims in his State of the Union address that the United States has a “moral duty” to establish an immigration system that “protects the lives and jobs of our citizens.”

Speaking in an interview with CBS This Morning on Wednesday, Schumer said Trump should stay out of bipartisan negotiations on a funding solution for border security in response to a question about whether Congress and the President can work together to avoid another government shutdown.

“The President realized that the shutdown that he caused and bragged about was a failure,” Schumer said. “For this president to seem impervious to what’s going on … he touched a hot stove and he knows. The real answer for the President: Stay out of it. We’ve set it up so that Democrats and Republicans, House and Senate can come to an agreement and keep the government open. If the President stays out of it, they’re very likely to come to a good agreement.”

A bipartisan group of Congress members is working out a compromise to fund the border. Trump has repeatedly commented on how he thinks lawmakers are wasting their time if negotiations don’t include funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.


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