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Cosmetics brand Avon has pulled an advertisement for an anti-cellulite product after The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil’s viral criticism.

The British actress Jameela Jamil, who plays Tahani on The Good Place, took to Twitter to call attention to the image and its message.

The advertisement was for Avon’s Smooth Moves Naked Proof product, a cooling gel that is meant to reduce the appearance of cellulite. “Dimples are cute on your face,” the advertisement reads. “Not on your thighs.”

Jamil posted a series of tweets voicing her frustration with the ad on Saturday, calling on the cosmetics giant to stop producing this kind of content.

A representative for Avon told TIME in an email the ad was used in North American advertising materials, and the brand’s American outpost, Avon USA, apologized for the advertisement on Twitter. In a statement, the brand said that it strives to “celebrate women and their power. We are working diligently to remove this messaging from our marketing.”

Jamil has been vocal on Twitter in the past with her opinions on weight-loss products and recently published an op-ed for the BBC, which pushed for it to be illegal to airbrush of women’s bodies in images. She also runs an Instagram account and accompanying community project whose mission is to make people “feel valuable and see how amazing we are beyond the flesh in our bones,” according to the Instagram page’s description.

The actress responded to Avon’s denouncing the ad, saying that the brand’s apology was “progress.”

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