By Melissa Locker
November 27, 2018

Have you ever found yourself dating someone who never responds to your texts, likes your tweets, but doesn’t retweet them, wears all black, and ate your plums, and wondering if you’ve been ghosted, if he’s cheating on you, or if he’s not who he claims to be? Twitter might be able to help. A new meme has taken over the social media site and it is chock full of dating advice—sort of.

According to meme database Know Your Meme, it all started when Twitter user @KylePlant Emoji posted the following tweet on November 22nd, 2018:

He didn’t create the format of the advice joke, but his brilliantly ridiculous punchline suggesting the person is dating former United States President Rutherford B. Hayes struck a chord and a funny bone. The tweet quickly gained over 20,000 retweets and 139,000 likes, going viral, and sparking countless variations on the theme with Twitter users suggesting women are dating a manatee, a long-dead poet, the Duolingo owl, the private insurance industry, and much more.

As the meme spread, brands and companies and TV shows have gotten in on the fun, too:

The dating advice is so patently silly that it’s all in good fun, at least until a Swedish court rules otherwise.


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