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Donald Trump has claimed that Sen. Elizabeth Warren for years didn’t have Native American heritage, and derisively calling her “Pocahantas.”

So Warren decided to call his bluff and get a DNA test and share the results, which showed she most likely does have Native American ancestry.

“Who cares?” Trump said when asked about it. “You care!” Stephen Colbert replied to the president. “You’re literally the only person who cares.”

Over the years, as he mocked the Harvard Law professor-turned-Democratic senator, Trump offered to donate $1 million to the charity of Warren’s choice if she could prove she in fact had Native American ancestry. However, when asked about it by reporters on Monday, he denied he had ever said it. “You better read it again,” he told reporters in a clip aired on The Late Show. “Oh, we don’t have to read it,” Colbert said. “Luckily enough, we’re going to have somebody read it for us.” He then played a clip of Trump wagering the $1 million at a rally this past July. When he initially made the wager, Trump said of Warren, “I have a feeling she will say no.

“Well, Mr. President, she didn’t say no, she said yes,” Colbert said on Monday night’s show, after Warren implied she wanted the president make good on his promise. “But rumor has it, you don’t know the difference.”

Colbert also noted that the entire episode revealed something else about the Massachusetts senator: “This test accurately reveals, with high confidence, that Elizabeth Warren is running for president.”

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