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Theme Park Announces Fun-Sounding 30-Hour ‘Coffin Challenge’

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Six Flags is fun. Is it fun enough to entice you to spend 30 consecutive hours in a coffin, for the questionable reward of two season passes, a $300 cash prize and the “slightly used” coffin itself, though?

That’s the question that the Six Flags in St. Louis is posing to theme park enthusiasts this Halloween season, presenting a “30-Hour Coffin Challenge” that will test the limits of anyone’s sedentary lifestyle. This is way beyond “couch potato” status.

On one hand, they’re making sure to avoid the solitary confinement experience and keep things interesting by allowing participants to bring a friend during operating hours, but the overnight time must be spent alone — with potential visits from “Fright Fest Freaks” who “will be lurking about in the darkness.” They’re offering a six-minute bathroom break every hour to maintain civil conditions, too. And meals. Generous! One thing remains unclear: if the lid of the coffin will be closed or remain open. Just a small detail.

Eager coffin dwellers can apply online for the challenge, which will take place Oct. 13 to Oct. 14. While they’re providing coffins and food, you have to bring your own pillow and sleeping bag — and fit into the standard coffin size. But here’s the catch: only one person will win the $300 after completing the full 30 hours. (All who complete the time get the season passes.) If you don’t make it through the 30, then you don’t get anything at all.

If that still sounds like your cup of tea, and you have just the right spot to display your winning coffin, then you can apply at their website.

There are pros and cons, to be sure.

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