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Would Buy: Concept Car Launches Flying Drone to Scout Traffic and Take Selfies

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Renault has cobbled together a compact SUV concept called the Kwid. It’s meant to be affordable and stylish – aimed squarely at youngsters who like selfies and don’t like traffic.

In that spirit, the Kwid sports a little flying drone that can launch from the roof of the car, buzzing up ahead of it to scout out traffic conditions or hovering above it to record your ever-exciting commute. You could then share footage and photos of you driving, for instance. A car selfie, as it were.

In the above video, you can watch Renault staffers talk about the Kwid as though it’s a tried and true product, though don’t get too excited: This is simply a concept right now, which may or may not ever make it to market. Aside from the drone thing, the driving setup is a bit unique as well. Renault imagines the resurgence of the old-timey bench seat, except this time, the driver sits in the middle, with a passenger on either side. Cozy!

Renault Kwid [Renault.com via The Verge]

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