September 14, 2018 1:15 PM EDT

Hurricane Florence is touching down on the North Carolina coast today — and we can tell how powerful the rain and winds already are thanks to the devoted efforts of reporters like NBC’s Gadi Schwartz, a correspondent who is committed to staying out in the elements at all costs to bring viewers the news.

But as Schwartz’s viewers are noting, maybe it’s time for him to come inside, or at least find a less exposed spot from which to deliver his dramatic Florence updates.

Schwartz, a news correspondent for NBC, has been braving the wild weather as the storm touches down on the North Carolina coast this week. His video dispatches show him in a rain-slicked jacket near palm trees and a storm-buffeted pier in the midst of the intense storm as he explains how Florence is faring as it makes landfall. Schwartz is no stranger to weather events; he’s reported previously from Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and from Puerto Rico as Hurricane Maria pummeled the island.

He’s not the first to endure the elements for a story, either, as there’s a history of weather reporters sharing dramatic updates from the field as storms find their way onto U.S. shores. But it seems viewers are particularly concerned about Schwartz’s safety this time around, knowing how powerful Hurricane Florence really is — and wanting the correspondent to survive his job.

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