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Prince Harry Charmed the World Again By Singing 2 Words Onstage

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Prince Harry briefly showed off his pipes Wednesday night, proving he could always take up a career in music if the whole royal family thing doesn’t work out.

As if the polo stick slinger and Meghan Markle attending a performance at Hamilton at London’s Victoria Palace Theatre weren’t special enough, Prince Harry hopped onstage to treat audiences to his singing voice.

“You say….” he began to warm choruses of applause.

It was just a snippet from the Hamilton song “You’ll Be Back” that the tyrannical King George III character sings. But it was more than enough to make the crowd flip for it. Not to mention, the musical’s creator Lin-Manuel Miranda stomped his foot in excitement, and of course royal fans online joined in on the cheers.

The concert was held to raise money for Sentebale, the charity that Prince Harry co-founded with Prince Seesio of Lesotho that works to support kids with HIV, AIDS and children with high needs in Lesotho and Botswana.

Instead of finishing the song – effectively about his royal predecessor King George bidding colonies farewell – he got down to thanking everyone who came together for the affair.

“Ladies and Gentleman, thank you so much,” he says. “You have together raised a huge amount of money to change the lives of thousands of children in Bostwana and Lethoso. And through that work that we’re going to be doing now, we’ll be able to stop the generational hand down of stigma around HIV.”

Meghan Markle attended the event with him in a Judith and Charles tuxedo dress and black heels. This wasn’t their first Hamilton rodeo either. The couple had already attended another performance in February as duo, and this marked Markle’s third time at the cult hit musical, which makes them the world’s most famous musical theater supporters.

“King George III’s great-great-great-great-great-great grandson The Duke Of Sussex sang a few bars tonight,” Miranda recapped later with a tweet.

According to one reporter, Harry loves to sing the hit musical’s songs.

But it was already a very big day for the recent groom. Halle Berry noticed a Halle Berry poster in resurfaced photos of the Prince Harry’s college dorm room, and really let him have it.

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