By Cady Lang
August 29, 2018

Joey Tribbiani wasn’t always the brightest member of the Friends crew, but it’s now confirmed that the man was way ahead of the style curve. Luxury fashion house Balenciaga appeared to take cues from Joey’s eclectic style in an episode where he memorably donned all of Chandler’s clothes when they sent a model wearing a heavily layered parka down their Fall/Winter ’18 runway during Paris Fashion Week.

The voluminous look, which inspired many a meme, is now available for pre-sale for a cool $9,000. Fashion and Joey enthusiasts should note that the coat, while one garment, is actually made up of seven different types of clothing, ranging from a hoodie and a fleece jacket to multiple plaid shirts of different lengths and a puffy coat.

The forecast for fashion this fall? Joey Tribbiani, but make it fashion.

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