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Almonds don’t lactate, in the famous words of Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb — but, at least right now, your almond milk may contain dairy anyway.

Hood has voluntarily recalled almost 150,000 half-gallon containers of refrigerated Almond Breeze vanilla almond milk for fear that they may contain actual milk, the FDA announced Thursday. The beverages have been recalled since they could pose a risk to consumers with serious dairy allergies or sensitivities.

“The product is safe to consume unless you have a milk allergy or sensitivity,” according to an announcement from Hood. “To date, there has been one report of allergic reaction. Medical treatment or hospitalization was not required.”

The recalled products were marked with a use-by date of Sept. 2, and were shipped to wholesalers and retailers in 28 states. (See details about the recalled products here.) They represent less than 1% of the half-gallon refrigerated vanilla Almond Breeze almond milks shipped by Hood during the last year, according to the FDA’s announcement.

The dairy debacle comes in the midst of a debate over whether beverage makers can call non-dairy products “milks,” since the FDA’s current “identity standards” for milk refer to lactating animals. The FDA is in the process of deciding whether it will amend that definition, or require companies to stop using the word “milk” in reference to drinks made from soy, almonds, coconuts, oats and other common dairy alternatives.

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